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Yup! I decided to make a new Flash fight About 2 anime featuring Inuyasha Vs Dante. Those 2 are almost exactly the same, for those who knows their story. Red clothes, Half-Demon, Sword style Battle, Awesome and strongest Demon father, White hair, ETC. Stay tune guys, one hell of a battle's bout' to pop up !!

The end of the world

2011-05-23 00:41:36 by Mini-Speed1

feel free to visit my to view my new video ranting about the end of the world

Well as you guys noticed, I'm not really active on newgrounds -.-
I found out Flashing takes to much of my time since i started high school and i'm about to finish it too and since i have Physics and Chemestry, All i want to say is ... FML... XD So ya, but After high school, I guess i'll start submitting comedy movie. And I got interested in music and started rapping/singing RnB and Hiphop Music XD

For those who wish to support me in music , My youtube channel is ::

And this summer, ill try to post more videos on newgrounds and my youtube channel,

Thanks again :) and sorry for being inactive

Sonic Random Flash

2009-10-06 22:05:55 by Mini-Speed1

Sonic Grind
Sonic stuck In blue Shield

Here's some flash I made and never sent and I felt to share it with you guys :] hope you enjoy it :]

Sonic Endless possibilities

2009-09-27 13:50:31 by Mini-Speed1

Well, after 2 years without posting any flash, I decided to post a new flash. Well, actually, I stopped doing flash cauz... I got way more interesting stuff to do in my life XD! Well, I felt like doing a new flash about Sonic and Since no one did a Sonic- Endless possibilities Clip, Well, I'm doing it now :]

P.S. I'm not using Mini-speed1 but Yung Sp3eD as my nickname, but I'm still Mini-speed1 xD

Hope you like for now, I'll post the full version When ill be done :]

See yaz!

My flash for now

Okay, Now, I really need Some opinion From REAL SONIC GAMERS FAN, SHADOW THE HEDGEHOG FAN or whatever so called ^^... Okay here's the subject. I'm actually working on my new flash Sonic vs Shadow ( the topic before this one ) And well, I might do a full movie about Shadow the hedgehog.
Why him cauz hes my favorite character and hes acting mysterious and he always stays calm.
Since Sonic battle adventure 2, Sonic And Shadow Confronted Bio-lizard and defeated him in space. Shadow suddenly dissapeared by warping. ( if you dont know what I mean, after you defeat bio-lizard super form, Shadow was falling and suddenly, a white blank portal appeared on him and he dissapeared ) Well, for me, He was the Original real Shadow the hedgehog that Gerald Robotnick created himself. In Sonic Heroes, Rouge found A new Shadow The hedgehog in Eggman base in a Tube Along with Omega. That mean, Shadow The hedgehog in that game is a creation of Eggman, So its Shadow the hedgehog Android. In Shadow the hedgehog, in a ending, Shadow discovered hes an android. That mean hes the same Shadow the hedgehog since the game Sonic Heroes. And Sonic The hedgehog Next-gen, I guess he still is Shadow the hedgehog Android. So.. My question is... is there really 2 Shadow the hedgehog?

1- The original and creation of Gerald R, Shadow the hedgehog ( Sonic battle adventure 2 )
2- Android of Eggman, Shadow The hedgehog ( Sonic Heroes )

I hope you understand what I typed due my bad English ( my 3rd language ). IF someone can answer me that question it would be cool :D!! Cauz Ill do a kind of Movie like * What if the REAL Shadow's still alive and met Shadow Android * :)

New flash

2009-01-06 17:33:07 by Mini-Speed1

Well... it has been a time since I wrote something here XD!!! Anyway, I'm working on a solo flash so maybe, i'll find a time to finish it and host it at newgrounds.

Sonic vs Shadow

Mecha sonic return 2

2008-06-27 00:35:23 by Mini-Speed1

Well, For some reason, my flash Mecha sonic returns 2 said it was supposed to be finished in 2 weeks 1 year ago but cant finish it cauz well, maybe some people will not trust me again, my computer got prob again .... ( DAMM COMP#$@#$@#($@#*%(@#$*%) so i am using another comp but i dont want to redo the movie soo, ill wait that my old computer get fix so i can get back to work. So.... Ill send you where i am from now :p ( Sorry, Dale )

Mecha Sonic Returns 2 ( Unfinished )

Click here to watch.

Thanks for being patient... :) Thanks again for those who keep on watching and fallowing me the whole time and thanks to my pal Comisecret :p

No internet!!!!

2008-01-04 13:55:48 by Mini-Speed1

Sorry for those who PM me and that I never anwsered. It is because I dont have internet anymore.
So I cant respond! Sometime, I go to my friend and i can use the net... so I can still maybe be online :p

Next submission! But....

2007-08-06 09:52:16 by Mini-Speed1

Well, I am making a new flash and It is almost done. If you saw my last submission Naruto vs Rock Lee, the one that I am making is 100 times better! It is Mecha Sonic returns 2 and it should be done in 2 week =D