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Sonic Endless possibilities

2009-09-27 13:50:31 by Mini-Speed1

Well, after 2 years without posting any flash, I decided to post a new flash. Well, actually, I stopped doing flash cauz... I got way more interesting stuff to do in my life XD! Well, I felt like doing a new flash about Sonic and Since no one did a Sonic- Endless possibilities Clip, Well, I'm doing it now :]

P.S. I'm not using Mini-speed1 but Yung Sp3eD as my nickname, but I'm still Mini-speed1 xD

Hope you like for now, I'll post the full version When ill be done :]

See yaz!

My flash for now


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2009-09-27 20:05:25

Yayz you're back! =)


2009-10-06 22:06:20

Why hello kind sir.


2009-11-22 09:35:12

yo can you tell me how to make videos like that because im new at this