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Mecha sonic return 2

2008-06-27 00:35:23 by Mini-Speed1

Well, For some reason, my flash Mecha sonic returns 2 said it was supposed to be finished in 2 weeks 1 year ago but cant finish it cauz well, maybe some people will not trust me again, my computer got prob again .... ( DAMM COMP#$@#$@#($@#*%(@#$*%) so i am using another comp but i dont want to redo the movie soo, ill wait that my old computer get fix so i can get back to work. So.... Ill send you where i am from now :p ( Sorry, Dale )

Mecha Sonic Returns 2 ( Unfinished )

Click here to watch.

Thanks for being patient... :) Thanks again for those who keep on watching and fallowing me the whole time and thanks to my pal Comisecret :p


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2008-07-03 01:03:32

r u done making naruto adventure 5 yet v.v .

Mini-Speed1 responds:

Nope XD Ill do it after this flash :p when my comp will be fix first....


2008-07-03 12:13:01


Mini-Speed1 responds:

Yeah! thx


2008-07-04 01:54:30

Is your computer broken or does it have the virus ?

Mini-Speed1 responds:

it wont boot up, and when it does boot up, all software wont work.


2008-07-06 02:23:59

-Where's your fighting spirit?
-..Lost it...
-Left it back at home...

You make the best flashes ever!

Mini-Speed1 responds:

Lol thanks :D im trying to make it funnier but in the same time, with full of action


2008-07-07 18:56:56

duuhhhh man r u ever going to finish naruto adventure 5 >:(

Mini-Speed1 responds:

when ill finish this flash :)


2008-07-09 07:35:59

Like U said , it's 100 times better than Naruto vs Lee

Mini-Speed1 responds:



2008-07-15 21:48:12

when are u gonna put Naruto adeventure 5? ur last one was submitted at 05/17/2006. its been 2 years so hurry up.

Mini-Speed1 responds:

lol sorry XD iam trying


2008-07-18 15:44:21

Is your computer working again? Because I hope to see more of your naruto flash movies in the future. Maybe you should even start working on a Bleach sprite movie. I know were you can get the sprites too. You would also make a good member of [The Vanguard]. If your interested check out my user page. Hope to see more flash in the future. (^_^)

Mini-Speed1 responds:

My computer crashed XD But luckily, i saved some of the fla file :D include this movie, so ill wait to buy a new computer to install macomedia flash so i can finally get back to work! :D i am on a laptop now and its not fun to work on flash in it XD


2008-07-23 23:16:42

whoa didnt see this coming so your the creator of all those flashes ive seen just about all those ones!your one of my biggest flash fans!ive voted 10 or 9 on most of the ones ive seen!


2008-07-23 23:27:14

i like all ur flashes pertty much but that mecha sonic returns 2 that was cool dude!and i see someone likes beach.....


2008-07-23 23:33:22

cant wait for u to finnish heh im getting a new computer too soon it got a shot(if u know what i mean not literaly).....u see i make a sprite comic by using microsoft office 2003 then when i get my new computer ill make the flash.also yes my stuff is deleted but its werid but i do stick figure comics and remember them yes!i can draw very good but it takes too long to make a comic with drawings!so deal with it people!


2008-07-25 04:08:19

u done it yet


2008-07-25 22:21:03

i love naruto adventure 5 i want to make a series to bad i cant i dont kno how to


2008-07-29 00:20:43

your flashs are great i wish i could make them like you


2008-08-02 00:53:43

Hey dude I had a idea. You should make a Naruto RPG or a naruto game thats like moving around and killing people and stuff. Nvm that I'm just saying you SHOULD do a Naruto RPG.


2008-08-11 21:12:56

So did you think of making a naruto rpg???


2008-09-13 02:25:10

awesome :D


2008-09-16 21:34:23

USb drive it. put the fla file on it and then open with flash on your other comp. And one more question how many movie clips are there for this movie


2008-10-19 13:25:55


Do you get your sprites from MFZ . ANY-WHHHOOOO... Can you gimme any advice
plzz !!


2008-10-19 19:06:49

where can i find mecha sonic reterns 1?


2008-12-01 20:23:22

that was really kewl. i love the action. too bad you couldnt finish it X3


2008-12-05 09:41:38

when ur computer get fixed?


2008-12-29 14:27:05

urm my spellings are better now and i messed up i ment to say bleach.....