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Not active on newgrounds these times

2011-02-13 19:35:18 by Mini-Speed1

Well as you guys noticed, I'm not really active on newgrounds -.-
I found out Flashing takes to much of my time since i started high school and i'm about to finish it too and since i have Physics and Chemestry, All i want to say is ... FML... XD So ya, but After high school, I guess i'll start submitting comedy movie. And I got interested in music and started rapping/singing RnB and Hiphop Music XD

For those who wish to support me in music , My youtube channel is ::

And this summer, ill try to post more videos on newgrounds and my youtube channel,

Thanks again :) and sorry for being inactive


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2011-02-26 21:05:20

so.... no mroe naruto adventure?

Mini-Speed1 responds:

no.. im sorry, its been a while XD my partner didnt want to continue it, so i lost inspiration... Sorry : ( but I may start reflashing by doing cartoon/music video : ) Thanks for the support until now:) i apreciate :P


2011-02-26 21:13:41

You guys need to change the chorus in shinging everynight, no u guys say it liek 20 time we got the pont, I'm not trying ot be mean or anything, but try ficin up the chorus pretty good song tohughh.

Mini-Speed1 responds:

ahaha :P Yeah you're right, we do get this comment often :) It's our first real song made by scratch tho :P When we'll do a music video, i'll reduce the chorus part :P Thanks again and glad you appreciated it :D


2011-02-28 19:57:50

Btw what program do you use to make beats? I dreamed to make rap songs :)

Mini-Speed1 responds:

Use Fruit loop Studio 9 :) Then if you want to mixtape, I am using Mixcraft 5 :P Takes creativity and patience ;) Good luck!