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New flash sprite fight? Half-Demon resemblance: InuYasha vs Dante Sparda

2011-08-27 23:39:21 by Mini-Speed1

Yup! I decided to make a new Flash fight About 2 anime featuring Inuyasha Vs Dante. Those 2 are almost exactly the same, for those who knows their story. Red clothes, Half-Demon, Sword style Battle, Awesome and strongest Demon father, White hair, ETC. Stay tune guys, one hell of a battle's bout' to pop up !!


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2011-10-23 03:18:21

Awesome man, I loved your animations. Try to animate more if you want, because you are a great animator.


2011-11-27 22:20:53

Hey, I remember you. You were that flash artist with the great Sonic His World AMV flash! Aw, it's good to see you again, man. Wow!

Now that I think about it, you also had a Naruto series goin. What happened to that?